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Yes you can play your instrument in comfort. Galaxy Guitar FT-1 Finger Protectors™
For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Harp, Horn, Keyboard Players.
Serious Musicians invest in the #1 Guitar Finger Protector to keep them playing.
Helping The World One Musician At A Time Play Their Instrument In Comfort.
The Most Important Gift You Can Give a Musician With a Finger Injury.

When You Discover Silicone Toy Finger Guards Do Not Help Your Injury
it's time to invest in the #1 Professional Guitar Finger Protector.
Galaxy FT-1's available in custom sizes & two standard sizes.
The Galaxy FT-1 helps hundreds of non musician customers.
Need a Longer Finger Prosthesis? We've Got You Covered.
Galaxy Makes Protectors for Wounded Warrior Veterans.
Check out Galaxy's New longer FT-2" Finger Extension.

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Guitar Finger Protector
Galaxy Guitar Finger Protector

We Ship Worldwide 6 Days A Week.
Our Customers Receive VIP Gold Service.

Developed by Our Founder An Accomplished Guitarist.

Available standard interior widths: Normal size- 5/8 inch, Large size- 3/4 inch.
Custom width sizes: Extra Small-1/2 inch, Extra Large Sizes- 7/8 inch, 1 inch.


Galaxy Guitar Products
Made In The USA

Guitar Finger Protector

Galaxy Guitar Finger Protectors are sold as one.
Our unique formula delivers flexibility & firmness for unsurpassed protection against pain & sensitivity while providing a strong protective barrier. Need a Longer length? See Galaxy FT-2 Extensions below.
Guitar Finger Protector

NEW Galaxy Stealth Force Protectors.
For those that want a sleek aggressive look.
Choose Solid Black, Silver or Gold Flash Stripes Specify at checkout. Galaxy FT-1 Protectors can help stop finger sensitivity pain while you type.
Custom Order Sizes Are Available.

Put our 22 years of Guitar Finger Protector experience to work for you. Galaxy Guitar Products USA manufactures & ships the patented Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector™ Worldwide. The FT-1 Guitar Finger Protector is your only option if you want a professional solution that is made for Guitarists, Bass Players, Violinists, Cellists, Stringed Harp Players, Mandolin, Banjo Players, Uke, Saxophonists, Clarinetists & Keyboardists. The Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector™ provides help for all types of Musicians & Non Musicians with injured finger tips. It is not a cheap silicone toy finger tip guard or rubber finger cot. Those items will never help a finger tip that has been severely injured, cut off or experiences painful sensitivity. The Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector™ will provide protection from those finger challenges. Clients come to us after they wasted time with cheap substandard silicone protectors or someone making a home made item that does not work. Our FT-1 Guitar Finger Protector™ is the only finger tip protector designed to stop pain & sensitivity from an injury by removing most of the pressure at the finger tip displacing it around the sides. The Galaxy FT-1 is tailored for any musical instrument playing. Cheap Silicone finger guard products do not provide this level of professional protection or properly slide over frets or grip instrument steel strings. Doctors who are musicians with finger injuries or have patients in need of finger protection purchase our finger protectors & finger extensions. The Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector™ is not a medical device, it is a musical accessory. Many non musicians have overcome their lost or injured finger challenge right here. Galaxy fabricates our Protectors & Extensions to last you years. Unlike soft silicone finger prosthetics that have to be repurchased every few years. The Galaxy FT-1™ increases the speed of hammer-on's & will allow you to develop a unique vibrato technique. Read Client Testimonial Reviews below.

The Galaxy FT-1™ is sold as one, it helps hundreds of Musicians worldwide each year regain the ability to play their instrument in comfort. As you get used to the FT-1 no matter what instrument you play it can help you over come an injury challenge, enabling your unique musical style to develop & excel. If you experienced a loss at the knuckle, thumb or pinky review our Galaxy FT-2" Finger Extensions™ details are below. Our FT-1 & FT-2 extensions are helping Children & Wounded Warrior Veterans start the learn or return to their musical instruments. Do you experience sensitivity when typing on your computer or playing on a keyboard, have a nail curled at the tip? The Galaxy FT-1 provides protection from these challenges with a contoured tip that absorbs pressure. Hundreds of Musicians depend on their FT-1 everyday. Time to overcome your finger challenge.
Galaxy Professional Finger Protectors are Number 1 For A Reason- They Work.

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Galaxy Guitar FT-1 Finger Protectors & FT-2 Finger Extensions™.
Available interior widths: 5/8's & 3/4" Need a smaller or larger size? Custom order one.
The Most Important Gift You Can Give Someone Missing Their finger.
All Galaxy FT-2 Finger Extension Order's Are Custom Fabrications.
You can see we are serious about Finger Tip Protection For Guitarists.

Bass Guitar Finger Protector

Galaxy Bass Guitar Finger Protector.
Standard Sizes $137.00, Custom Orders: $247.00.
More Color Options shown below.

Guitar Finger Extension

^ Galaxy Custom order FT-2 Finger Extensions.
Available Interior Dimension Sizes: 1/2", 5/8's,
Large 3/4", 7/8's & 1-inch. $437.00 Details Below.

Guitar Finger Tip Protector

Finger Entrance sizes displayed in inches.
Measure & Compare Your Finger Size Carefully.
Tony Iommi Finger Protector

Customized Orders Accepted As Well.
Custom Order Details Shown Below.


You can spend $7,500 for a Prosthetic, will it be strong & tailored for Musical Instrument Playing? No, soft silicone has to be replaced every few years as well when it dries out then cracks. You can spend $10.00 for rubber, silicone, plastic toy finger guards, will they stop pain & sensitivity from your severe injury? No. Time to get serious about your finger condition & musical instrument playing abilities- Invest $137.00 for the professional Galaxy Guitar Ultra-Flex FT-1 Finger Protector™ the #1 Guitar Finger Protectors made in America. Our Guitar Finger Protector is thousands le$$ than a Prosthetic. Meticulous hard work goes into making each FT-1. Our tech's spend 7 hours over 4 days making each Galaxy FT-1 in batches. Our Unique Ultra-Flex cores are fabricated then a special wash is applied to sanitize them. Precise cutting & permanment bonding of our exterior grip is next so it lasts you years sliding over guitar frets & steel strings. A final cleaning of the core interior & exteriors in preparation for painting. 4 coats of special non irritant paint are hand applied, heat cured between coats, two coats of our special strong clearcoat is then applied to the exterior producing a durable exterior gloss finish. Once fully cured FT-1's are ready to ship helping another injured Musician. Your Galaxy FT-1 is crafted for you by a Musician in the United States not stamped out of a machine in a foreign land. Surgeon's, Insurance & Prosthetic Companies contact us to form a Finger Protector for their Musician clients. It's Your Finger certainly worth having the highest standard of Finger Protection For Guitar. Our unique Ultra-Flex Formula will even expand when heated on low heat with a blow dryer. Bass Players-Let us know you're a Bassist at check out. We have Protectors fabricated with extra wide exterior grips ready to ship, naturally at no extra cost. Galaxy FT-1 The most professional Guitar tips for a finger injury you can buy. Once you're used to the FT-1 Protector it will get you back to playing in comfort.

Note: We can help you with sizing, measuring example photos are displayed. You can send us a request & photo of your fingers over an inch tape measure positioned as shown. Click on the "Contact Us" tab. The final size choice is yours measure carefully.

GALAXY ULTRA-FLEX FT-1 & FT-2: Galaxy Guitar Products introduces New Ultra-Flex FT-1 Finger Protectors™. Our relentless passion to improve products we offer, with input from our Customers Worldwide Galaxy Guitar Finger Protector cores add semi rigid flexibility with firmness. Our New tougher exteriors are stronger sealing 4 enamel non toxic color paint coats. They will also accommodate many requests for larger sizes to fit 3/4 to 1 inch interior width dimensions while providing the famous Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protection. Our products are always non toxic. You can warm our Ultra-Flex Guitar Finger Protector Cores with a blow dryer on low heat to expand them for a bit more room. Galaxy Guitar Finger Protectors™ have the right balance of comfort with durability. Now with our exclusive new tough exterior paint process they can last you years. Need more finger length? We now offer The Galaxy FT-2. A Custom made 2 inch length finger extension. The FT-2 is not a medical device it is a musical accessory to help musicians that have lost a larger portion of the finger enabling them to reach & press down firmly on their strings or keys on a musical instrument. Musicians that can not afford a custom made medical finger prosthetic our FT-2 finger extension is the way to go. Details on custom orders are below. Our Ultra-Flex formula hugs your finger enhancing inside traction preventing the FT-1 & FT-2 from coming off your finger when playing. New FT-1 Ultra-Flex cores measure 1 inch in length reducing cuticle pressure. For Serious Musicians with a finger injury who want state of the art Finger Protection, get the ultimate new standard- Galaxy Ultra-Flex FT-1 Protectors & FT-2 Extensions™. Currently available in 5/8's & 3/4 inch standard interior circumference sizes. Custom size orders are always available, details below. Galaxy Guitar Products is dedicated to help you regain your ability to play & excel on your musical instrument or any type of keyboard.
Available Colors: Flesh-Tone, Electric Blue, Electric Blue or White with Silver Flash Stripes, Gloss Yellow, Caribbean Aqua, Brushed Silver, Snowblind White. Custom orders can accommodate special color requests, Matte or Gloss Finishes.

SIZE, MEASUREMENT, PRICING INFORMATION: Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protectors™ are sold as one, They measure 1 inch in length. The finger entrance is 5/8's of an inch interior dimension. This will fit a average size finger. Our Larger Guitar finger protector measures 3/4 inch interior dimension. Need a larger size? Custom options are available. We suggest you measure your finger carefully to insure a proper fit. Here is how to accurately measure: Lay your finger tip area over a tape measure, press down slightly, if your finger width measures 5/8's of an inch across You need our normal 5/8's FT-1 size. If your finger width is a bit wider measuring larger then 5/8's to 3/4's of an inch across or larger, you need our Large size or a Custom FT-1. For smaller size fingers, Our foam stripping or White Medical Tape or 2 sided tape wrapped around your finger can be used for a snug fit or shape your finger that is a bit larger. On Custom orders we provide foam stripping for a custom fit. There is a finger bed grip inside. Not sure what size to order? Use our Contact Us form to upload a photo. Place the left side of finger flush on inch marker, do not use the 1 inch section to avoid interference with the metal tab on a tape measure. Press down slightly, take a photo. We do not choose your size, our qualified technical team can analyze your photo an provide a professional recommendation. We do not guarantee the FT-1 Finger Protector will fit or work for you. Due to the Sanitary nature of this product worn on the finger or risk of infection there are no returns. All FT-1 Protectors arrive to you in Ultra-Flex Cores for $137.00 USD each. Ultra-Flex FT-1 Custom Size Orders are available in all colors for $247.00 USD. Galaxy FT-2™ Custom Made Finger Extensions are $437.00 each with optional simulated Finger nail, Matte or Gloss Flesh Tone Finishes. Currently we are offering Free shipping in USA. International Customers allow $25.00 USD additional for: FedEx Intl Priority Shipping getting your protector to you fast as possible, U.S. Customs Paper Work Preperation, Intl Payment Processing Charges.

You can send us a photo.
Use Our Contact Us Form
How To Position Your Finger.

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Finger Prosthetic

GALAXY CUSTOM VIP FT-1 & FT-2 ORDERS: We can accommodate specific client requests such as having Your Custom Galaxy Guitar Finger Protector™ made to fit a thin finger, smaller than 5/8's down to 1/2" or for larger fingers: 7/8's to 1" finger circumference size's. We also offer The Galaxy FT-2 Finger Extension™. A 2 inch long finger extension for musicians or non musicians that have a short finger or have lost a finger from the knuckle joint forward. Custom order options include Galaxy's Micro-Foam Strip Inserts for a snug custom fit. You can custom order Silver Metallic Flash Stripes over any color. Custom orders take only 7 to 10 days to complete & ship. Considering a custom made medical prosthetic can take much longer for thousand'$ more of a financial investment & are to soft for musical instrument applications makes your FT-1 or FT-2 a smart choice. All Protector Order's are fabricated in our Ultra-Flex™ Formula. A Custom fabricated Galaxy FT-2-inch Finger extension™ is $437.00. FT-2 extension's are available 1/2", 5/8's, 3/4", 7/8's, 1 inch interior circumference size's. FT-2 is a straight finger extension available in Flesh Tone color & can be ordered in Matte or Gloss finish with or without a simulated Finger Nail & no exterior leather front bottom strip if wanted. For musicians a leather strip is standard. Currently Galaxy offer's free shipping in the USA. International orders allow $25.00 USD additional for your order. Click any "BUY-ME" Tab fill out all required fields, check the Custom FT-1 or FT-2 box on our order form. We will e-mail you a custom option confirmation form & request photo's of your finger over a tape measure for proper measurement analysis. We then can review your requirements with you before the order is processed. Not sure what is best for you? Use our "Contact Us" form to upload a photo of your finger over an inch tape measure, positioned as we show above on this web page. We do not choose your size, our qualified technical team can analyze your photo a provide a professional recommendation to help you choose your size.

DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We currently are offering free ground shipping in the USA. We are trying to keep your costs down as much as we can. International customers allow $25.00 additional for FedEx Priority Intl Shipping, Customs clearence in your country, U.S. Customs paper work prep, Intl credit card exchange processing fees for a total: $162.00 USD. Over Night USA Shipping Service is available for $47.00. We ship your FT-1 order to you within 24 hours or less after you have completed & returned our verification & authorization agreement e-mail. We do not ship to PO Boxes. When you order check your email or bulk e-mail folders, we are sending you the agreement & order confirmation. Have questions? Not sure what size may be best for you? We are always happy to hear from you, use the "Contact Us" tab located at the top of this page.

Galaxy's FT-1 is your only choice if your serious about your playing & need Professional Finger Tip Protection. Prosthetic medical companies refer us musician clients. To have this made by them would cost you $4,500 to $7,500 & be to soft for musical instrument playing. Our Price for an Ultra-Flex FT-1 $137.00. We fabricate our cores to last a life time unlike a medical prosthetic that wears out in a few years. Currently we are offering free priority shipping in the United States. Due to the sanitary nature of this item worn on your finger or risk of infection all sales are final no returns. Confirm your color & size choice at Checkout. As you get used to your FT-1 it will become second nature. Give it time to work it into your playing styles the reward will be yours. Once you discover our FT-1 works great we recommend you invest in another as a spare in case you damage your original. We help one Musician at a time play their instrument in comfort, let us help you.

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Guitar Finger Protector

Available in Custom Order Large or smaller sizes.
Guitar Finger Prosthetic

Available in your favorite colors.

iommi finger tips

Go with a flashy look While Protecting Your Finger.
Electric Blue w / Silver Metallic Flash Stripes.
Hand Painted, each pattern is unique.
Guitar Finger Protector

Precise String Bending is Possible w / Your Injury.
Available Custom Order Interior Dimension Sizes: 1/2", 5/8's, 3/4", 7/8's, 1 inch.


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Galaxy New Stealth Force FT-1 Protectors
Shown in 5/8's & 3/4" interior dimensions.
Available For Custom Order Sizes as well.
buy Guitar Finger Protector

Galaxy Custom Fabricated Larger 7/8's inch FT-1
Shown With Flash Stripes At Customers Request.

Galaxy Guitar Products
Made In The USA

Galaxy Presents FT-2 Custom Made Finger Extensions.
If you lost your finger at the Knuckle Joint, Now There Is An Affordable Option.
After Many Requests, Introducing The New Custom Made Galaxy FT-2" Knuckle Joint or Stump Extension.

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Guitar Finger Extension

Custom made to order for Injured Musicians.
Tailored for Musical Instrument Playing.
Stronger than softer silicone fingers.
More Down-Force Pressure.
Investment Price $437.00.
Pinky Finger Extension

Galaxy FT-2 With Optional Simulated Finger Nail.
Thousands less than a Prosthetic. Includes bottom exterior grip. Interior Circumference Sizes:
Normal- 1/2", 5/8's. Large- 3/4", 7/8's, 1 inch.
Shipped Worldwide Within 7-10 Days.


Posted With Customer Permission.

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Finger Injury Protector

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at Galaxy Guitar Products. The superb customer service and professionalism with your company is second to none. The FT-1 finger protectors are absolutely amazing and after some practice with them I am playing quite well, even slides and bends. After a massive heart attack and months in the hospital I lost two fingertips on my left hand, three on my right hand and both legs below the knees. As I went through several months of physical and occupational therapy and two surgeries on my fingers, the reality that I may never play Guitar again was very hard to accept since I have been playing most of my life. The FT-1 finger protectors have allowed me to play my Guitars again. I am so thankful I found your company that puts your customers first and provides such a valuable service for musicians.

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My 4th Order a Custom Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector. Thank you so much and please let owner Randy Young know I am very grateful
and humbled by his generosity. These finger protectors have brought me a great deal of happiness.
I cannot say enough good things about your company, customer service and products.
James Welch. Green Cove Springs, Florida.

2018- Just a huge thank you to Galaxy Guitars for all the fantastic service and follow up on my order you guys really went the extra mile, the replacement order arrived yesterday and I am extremely happy with the FT-1 finger tips and the plectrums gift included in the package. Well done you guys Rock. Kind Regards Nigel Camara, South Africa.

Violinist: I have received my FT-1 today. Day 1 I can see it will make a huge positive impact in my violin playing.
More free from the effect of my finger injury. Kind Regards, Irene Shin. United Kingdom.

I just ordered a Galaxy FT-1 Protector for my client who lost his fingertip in an auto fan blade accident. I am writing this on his behalf and just wanted to let you know that my client's frustration level has practically disappeared completely. He feels it won't be very long that it will entirely disappear for good. The protector you guys have provided him has literally opened up his creative path. He will not be selling his stringed instruments now, thanks to you. Cheers.
Jon Sepulveda, Watch Resources, Inc. Supported Living. Sonora, California.

I'm really impressed with this product after an injury like mine. Losing part of two of my fingers is not a good thing so playing the guitar again is like a rebirth for me! The adaptation process is fast. The Galaxy FT-1 Ultra Flex fits perfectly. You have to be patient to get used to them. Of course it is the solution. Thank's to the Galaxy staff for their attention in every moment I needed. Greetings from Spain! Raúl Buil Nasarre. Professional Guitarist.

This is a re-order. I am currently on my second FT-1 and it is still in good shape, but I want to have a spare on hand.
Thanks for the great product. It allows me to play. Without it I would not be able to. Please send a flesh tone color.
Steve Hartley. Westminster, California.

I was repairing a piece of electronic gear, trying to remove some epoxy from a circuit board, the razor blade slipped; slicing into my fingertip, and out the other side through my fingernail. It took more than a month to heal back together. I've been playing the guitar for over ten years. After my finger healed back together I found it hard to fret with that finger. For the first time in ten years, I could no longer play the guitar, this was devastating. I've been playing in a band for two years & were in the middle of tracking my guitar parts for our first record. I was literally losing sleep wondering if playing guitar was gone forever. I discovered the Galaxy FT-1 on line. I was a bit skeptical, but willing to try anything to be able to play the guitar again. I started to fret and strum, although it felt quite foreign, I realized instantly that there was no pain. I felt this certainly was a step in the right direction. Now the FT-1 is truly an extension of my own finger, minus the pain. I can fret, bend notes, sweep arpeggios just like before. Thank you so much Galaxy for giving me my music career back.
Grant Ostergard. Dallas, Texas.

Thank You Galaxy For My Custom FT-2 Finger Extension! I lost my ring finger up to the metacarpophalangeal joint years ago working on a large ship propeller. I continued to play my Bass Guitar but could not excel to a higher level, I play Jazz & Rock. I contacted many Prosthetic companies who wanted to fly in to size me for a 2 inch finger prosthetic only they wanted thousand$. I could not afford that. My friend found Galaxy Guitar Products after doing a Tony Iommi search online. Even though I lost more of the finger than Tony, I found Galaxy a God send. After a few emails back & forth to Galaxy's technical team who were very helpful, I ordered my custom made FT-2 Finger extension. After 8 weeks I am now more than able to work it into my playing and grateful I took action. It did take me weeks to become used to it. I am proud I had that determination to do so. Thank You Galaxy Guitar Products Team for working with my photos an giving me the attention to get me using all 4 fingers once again.
Anders Jansson, Stockholm, Sweden.

I was playing guitar for about one year when I accidentally had the tips of my left middle and ring fingers chopped off in a lawn mower accident. Even though I was not an accomplished player, I was excited and pleased with the progress I was making with the guitar. I had a skin graft done. To this day, the pain continues to exist especially in the winter. The pain can persist up to an hour. Obviously, I was devastated that I could not play guitar anymore. I was determined to find a way to play again. I put band aids on my fingers with the hope that the cushion would protect my injury and soften the pain. I realized this would not work. There is no plastic surgery for this injury and I was hesitating to take medication. My injured fingers could not grip the strings. I have been an avid Black Sabbath fan and knew that Tony Iommi had a serious injury to the same fingers that I did. Tony is left handed, he injured two of his fret fingers. My Google search led me to Galaxy Guitar Products. I saw that there was an affordable product available, I eagerly purchased two of the FT-1's for myself. I had a difficult time moving my two fingers around. My injured fingers were always bumping into one another. After a month, I became very use to the FT-1's more and more. Now, the feeling I have with the FT-1s is very natural. I feel blessed that I have another opportunity to play again. Without this product I would not be able to play the guitar period. Thanks to everyone at Galaxy Guitar Products!
Joe Kramer. Grandville, Michigan.

Hey Galaxy! Thanks for the finger extension (protector). It works great! Already getting used to a normal length middle finger.
Vaughn Balchunas. Bellingham, Washington.

Galaxy, Thanks! Works great, I'm back in the saddle again!
Edward J Hines. Edward Hines Music, Wendell, Massachusetts.

I want to thank you Galaxy for the FT-1 Protector. With 4 sold out New Years shows and a badly cut finger the outlook was bleak. The Galaxy FT-1 worked great and the shows went on. Was I at 100%? No but I could play enough not to have cancelled. The 10,000 people over 4 days thank you as well. I'd love to write a testimonial for your site if I could, Thanks Again.
Rob Eaton. Dark Star Orchestra.

When I was 19, in 1979, I worked digging holes for swimming pools with a large Caterpillar shovel dozer. After a hot day of work and a few beers, while trying to trailer the beast, my left index finger got pinched between a track and a large chain link. Needless to say, the end of my finger was crushed and left very sensitive. When I was 33 I had my right shoulder "Fused" into the socket after smashing it to smithereens. I became a lawyer at age 50. As a reward to myself, I decided to take up guitar this year at 53. I bought a Fender Telecaster Thinline semi-hollow body for myself at Christmas. I was concerned about both my shoulder and my finger. The shoulder is not a problem, but the finger is so sensitive I can't play, or so I thought. Along comes a God send, the Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector. This thing is awesome! It fits perfectly on my finger and the engineering is so precise and well done that I can actually play my guitar-without pain! Awesome!!
Thomas Doherty Doyle, Esq. Chelmsford, Maine.

On January 13, 2014 in a freak accident while hitching up our travel trailer, I amputated my left index finger just above the base of my fingernail. I play banjo, guitar and mandolin, so needless to say I was totally distraught fearing that I would never be able to play again. I began researching finger prosthetic's on the internet and found Galaxy Guitars and the FT-1 finger protector. After reading all the testimonials, I was concerned that they were all written by men and wondered if it would work for female sized fingers as well. I called and spoke with a tech about the FT-1. He was very supportive and helpful and spent so much time talking with me and answering all my questions. I immediately ordered one even though I knew it would be quite a while before my finger was healed enough to try it. Even though my finger is still tender, I could wait no longer. I put it on for the first time on March 10th and after only 3 evenings of 20 minutes sessions, I am able to hit all my old licks on the banjo and with no pain! I have also worked a little with the guitar and mandolin with equal success. I am so pleased after only 3 sessions with the FT-1 that I have ordered a second one. My husband and I play bluegrass professionally, but we play out of passion for the music. While I could have lived with the thought of never “performing” again, the thought of never playing again was devastating. Now I know that it will be music as usual! THANK YOU GALAXY GUITARS FOR THE FT-1!!!
Sue Davis. Macon, Georgia.

Hello, I ordered the Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector. When I first opened the package, it did not fit my finger which was quite the bummer since I had not been able to play my guitar in over a year after losing 1/2 inch of my ring finger in an accident at work. After reading the instructions, I removed the leather grip from inside the tip. After pushing it on my finger I proceeded to try an play my guitar. What happened next brought a smile to my face that has not left yet. I could play my guitar!!!! After a few weeks of practicing, I have regained most of my playing skills. Now I am going to record some of the 100 plus songs that I have written over the last 25 years! I am going to give a serious go at becoming a country songwriter. You never know how much you take something for granted until you lose it. I will not take music for granted ever again!!! Thank You Galaxy from the bottom of my heart for giving me another chance to play again!!!
Greg White. Attleboro, Massachusetts.


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The Galaxy FT-1 & FT-2 are provided to help Musicians. All orders are verified via email, clients must agree to specific terms by authorizing their order an confirming their size. Due to the Sanitary nature of these products worn on the finger or risk of infection all sales are final there are no returns. We do not re-sell used protectors. Galaxy does not choose your size, we are not responsible for a mis-measured finger. The Galaxy FT-1 & FT-2 are not a medical device, they are music accessories. FT-1 & FT-2 ship worldwide via FedEx or United States Postal Service first class. International shipments must clear customs in your Country. There may be additional Customs charges in your country that are not covered by Galaxy Guitar Products. For more information visit our policies page. Please make arrangements to have someone at your location to accept your shipment if you will not be available. We can not be responsible for stolen orders once a delivery confirmation to your address has been made by the carrier. When using a credit card to purchase, Your Ship-to address must match the credit card billing address. For protection of our Customers, we verify every order. For Business Inquiries, Sales or Technical Product Questions fill out our Contact Us form. For Customer support email our Client Service Help Desk. Our International Tel: 702-363-5465. To Receive Members Only Discounts- sign up to be part of our mailing list.

Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised all content including text, photos, discriptions on this website are the sole property of Galaxy Guitar Products USA an may not be used without express written permission. Terms are clearly stated relating to products, non-return policies, finger measurment responsibilities of purchaser. For specific detailed information visit our policies page.

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