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Galaxy Guitar Products USA has built these Galaxy Trans Starr guitars for Randy Young.
They are built by Galaxy Guitar Products USA Custom Shop. One in Trans Blue, one in Trans Cherry.
Flamed Maple Tops, Galaxy Solar Flare Pickups, Kahler X-Trem Tremolo, High Gloss Ebony Fret Board.

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Galaxy Custom Shop Guitar, orders yours.

For more information visit Galaxy Guitar Products USA.

Galaxy Custom Shop Guitar, orders yours.

SHOCKWAVE is currently doing pre production @ StarGate Studios for the next cd.

Guitar Rack! Blue Metallic StarFire Guitar. Randys custom 1982 Charvel guitar & custom Jacksons! Randys Effects rack, Notice FT-1 Finger Protector on top Randys custom made Charvel & Jackson reverse


Vintage Photos sent in from fans of Guitarist Randy Young

Guitarist Randy Young 1979 Guitarist Randy Young New York City 1980
Guitarist Randy Young 1982 Guitarist Randy Young 1997
Guitarist Randy Young 1988  Galaxy Guitar Rack  Galaxy Randy Young Galaxy Trans Starr Guitar

Guitarist Randy Young Video promo 2008

Randy Young demonstrates The Galaxy Guitar FT-1 Finger Protector.

Above Video Music Credit: Background track by Black Sabbath, Neon Knights.

Tony Latina during the recording of ShockWave's Heavy Impact cd. 2001 Tony Latina during Concert 1990's
Tony playing Yamaha Maple Studio series recording Heavy Impact, Concert Series Live.

Tony Latina during Concert 1990'sShockwave Bassist Felicia Spinogatti.
Shockwave Bass Player Felicia Spinogatti

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